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Madness - Poem

posted Aug 26, 2011 21:34:51 by Admin
By Paityn Masters

No one wants a broken thing
Return it! Trash it! Fix it!
The options that are given

But… what if your mind is the broken thing?
Diagnose it! Medicate it! Confine it!
The treatments that are imposed

You hear society’s silent scream
Crazy! Psycho! Mad!
The stigmas nailed above your cross

The reality of your brokenness overwhelms you
Cut it! Overdose it! End it!
The only solutions to the madness

But in spite of the pain and brokenness
Hope! Believe! Explore!
Your mind is not broken, rather a dangerous gift

You begin to dream again, but…
Psychosis! Instability! Suicide!
The fears of your unbridled madness

As courage sets in, you cultivate your pain
Write it! Sing it! Speak it! Live it!
Heal the world through the madness of your gifts
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